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Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Blog#2)

Posted by Robert Thompson (he/his/him) on

Kicking the schemes of Quan Chi, sucker-punching Madara Uchiha,

and headbutting Materrazzi. 

Leashing the light energy on a moshpit at the end of the night. 

Letting the body be loose like footloose,

Showing the other side of the coin,

And winning the bid for Woodstock.

I like hearing the hard-pitched booms, 

the deep low strings, and the terrific vocals.

Shrieking the plague to create chaos in Wano,

Remember – love sometimes acts like a complete 304,

and calling damage control 

to clean the mess of Task Force X.

A Lover’s Rock is my yin and yang.

Motivation, valorate

E tambien gracias (y perdonarme) 

por perder su tiempo conmingo.

Blog Posts by CUNY Peer Leaders

What are you going to DO with that degree?***(none than Robert Thompson)

Posted by Robert Thompson (he/his/him) on

Mmm…that’s a good question, ain’t going to lie (honestly). Lucky for you (et moi), this college year [hopefully – fingers crossed], I will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree under a major in Social Work – four bloody years of hard work, resilience, determination, and optimism, despite the obstacles that plagued me in my path while walking on the yellow road, such as financial struggles, procrastinating, interpersonal demons, and (external) fear itself – preventing me to complete my goals and dreams, even taking my confidence away from my soul in some periods of time; yet, [I] had “self” reassurance to continue and pass through the pain. No quiero sonar como un hipócrita y eso, but our lives are like a rollercoaster (going up and down frequently – through our distinct wavelengths). ¿Qué puedo decirte? Mais que nada – isso não é o meu problema.

Y regresando a la pregunta (mi scusi), once I have the degree (and preaching to God that I would get the diploma ahuevos), I plan my moves already (kinda) as well as fail-safe alternatives (aka “Plan B…C…D…Z”), just in case if it doesn’t work out and have to improve with my options (eso sera “pan comido” ). The most obvious is getting a steady job relating to education or community services since I had temporary positions for a while and I need to get “settle in” (igual que haciendo billullu, negué!); trying to get my own place (while still living in this city with a rent so high – buona fortuna per mi); and lastly, getting into Grad school (once I get my miércoles together, of course). Also, I’m thinking of opening a community center in my native hometown, La Ceiba, through giving employment and educational opportunities/resources to the people regardless of their background (y será un dolor en el cu!—digamos que mi país Honduras es un rebulu en nivel administrativo, believe me). Well, you heard my plans – except my fail-safe programs (which is a “secret”), so watch your shoulders, et arrivederci, i miei amici.

Blog Posts by CUNY Peer Leaders

What after post-graduation?* (Journal Blog#1)

Posted by Robert Thompson (he/his/him) on

So, what would happen to me? You know, after I get my diploma and stuff like that from Lehman College, hanging out and chilling while watching some Netflix. That’s an open-ended question though. It depends on the path I’m taking and feeling what’s right for me. Have lots of options, such as attending grad school, getting full employment, enjoying my 20s (I guess), travel (if I have the budget), just to name a few. But, in all seriousness, let me be honest with you, I’m a bit scared for my uncertain future and achieving great things for myself and my family, including my ambitions to community back in my home country despite the odds against me. Of course, with confidence and remaining ambitious in my goals, I will make it regardless while at the same time, sensing doubts and fear itself luring in my mind – playing tricks with my abilities. And you know the saying, it’s never too late to improve myself, am I right? God only knows.

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