The thing I made change in your community

Last summer, the covid-19 was still very wide-spread in the United States. With the daily updated news and the increase in the number of confirmed cases, everything pointed to the difficulties of the current period. Low-income people were the most difficult group. They needed government relief funds and community food supplies. However, during that difficult time, few people were willing to go out to do food distribution work. I think, as a young person in the new era, I have a responsibility to do something. I wanted to do something meaningful to help those who are in difficult times. I registered online as a volunteer of Kehilat Sephardim of Ahavat Achim. What I did was package food and nutrition and distributed it to marginalized communities around Queens. And I worked with other volunteers to select and assess food packages and calculate distribution yields. Even though the weather was very hot, and it was tiring to keep standing to pack food, I still liked the process very much and enjoyed the happy expressions of seeing people getting food. And, when I heard every “thank you”, I felt that what I was doing was so rewarding. I think everything was worth it. I not only felt good about helping others, but also got to spend time doing what I love to do.

From the experience I have learned many things that I never learned in class. I learned how to work well on a team, and how to improve organizational skills. I know that all of this is critical for my professional growth. In a word, I’d like to help people who need help any time.



Why should life be too complicated? For example, when you are bored, painting feels like time passes quickly. When you are happy, painting is more inspirational. When you are sad, painting can make you dedicate yourself to forget the short-term worries. When I paint, I am happy, radiant, and I feel that time has been stopped. Sometimes I also listen to music while painting because it can relax me. At the same time, when I saw the landscape, I wanted to paint, I took a pen to record it and draw it.

The reason I like painting is because of beauty.

In life, we will always be amazed by the beautiful things in front of us for a moment. Maybe a beautiful girl/boy walks by your side. Your eyes are affected by her/his beauty and figure, wear, and temperament. Attracted, you marvel at how there are such beautiful girls/boys, you think there will be such a moment of impulse and passion to keep this beauty, maybe through your mind, maybe words, maybe photos, and I, As a painting lover, I want to use the pens and colors in your hand to retain the beauty that amazes me, and use lines to express the beautiful impact of the human body, the dynamics and rhythms of the human body, and the dressing and so on. 

I gradually fell in love with painting when I was in elementary school. When I first started painting, I would get praise from my parents if I painted. I was very happy, so I kept painting. When I arrived in middle school, I often participated in school drawing competitions. I am often praised by teachers and classmates, which makes me more interested in painting. Now I occasionally pick up a paintbrush and paint a few pictures.