God college is brutal out – here!

Does college always poses as a safety net?After reviewing “from classrooms to careers” and hearing the guests speak about their college experience as to what they expected and also moving towards grad school which was a different hemisphere. it pretty much in a sense that its the upper level after receiving higher education and now you’re basically applying your academic strategies just in grad school, especially for those who are in career paths that require additional education.in a lot of ways college and grad school differ from each other as to where college request general classes and also the combinations of your major as for in grad school its more of focusing your expertise on the field.Sometimes college may serve as a safety net for individuals who may not know what they want to do after High-school or not simply not knowing what is it exactly they want.which is why certain people take upon college as a safe route just incase something fails or doesn’t goes according to plan.

As a college student myself ,I knew I wanted to attend to college because I want to become a clinical psychologist and I just wanted to further my education. on top I developed a 10 year career goal as to each step I needed to do and a help guide as to what do I need to do in order to be successful also looking at possible solutions and ways to grow as a person in both academically and as a person in whole too.college in my opinion also serves as a free trial to give people a sneak peak as to what is expected of not only you but the quality the university can offer you to succeed in their institution.


Rose hernandez

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