My Future Goals and Aspirations!

My name is Xueqin Ruan and I have been living in Brooklyn, New York for the past eight years. However, I was born and raised in China. I am currently a senior at Medgar Evers College, CUNY and earning my second Bachelor Degree in Childhood Education and Special Education. Besides as a college student, I am a lightworker, who spreads light and love in this world.

As a lightworker, I focus on my spiritual enlightenment, and constantly heal myself in the past several years. As a prospective special education teacher, I enjoy working with children of all ages and embrace challenges. I am a life-long learner, and I spend much time learning new skills, for example, I am learning Astrology, Healing, Divination, etc. I believe everyone has potential to learn everything as long as he could discover his potential by following his heart and intuition. I constantly heal and evolve myself to spread more love and light to this world. 

As I walked on the spiritual path, I’ve had a different perspective to view this world and all the things that happened in my past. My spiritual journey was beginning in 2020 when I met my twin flame. I began to meditate nearly every day, and like being close to nature. All my chakras were open after I was doing meditation for two months. My crown chakra could receive messages from the universe, and I could communicate with my angels and Ascended Masters in my heart chakra by telepathy. I discovered I am a lightworker, spreading light and love is my mission. I also find being a teacher, healer, and spiritual writer are my life purpose. 

I have passion in teaching young children, and spiritual development. I wish one day, I could integrate both of them to awaken everyone’s potential and let everyone build a relationship with God or High-self, which is the best version of oneself.  I wish one day I could be a spiritual mentor to guide everyone to find the way to one’s eternal Home. I wish I could  have a  positive influence on others or this world. I wish one day, we could build a new world, where there is no illness, homelessness, war, or hunger; where there is a society full of harmony, bliss, and well-being!

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