“Oppression” by Langston Hughes

Now dreams
Are not available
To the dreamers,
Nor songs
To the singers.

In some lands
Dark night
And cold steel

But the dream
Will come back,
And the song
Its jail.

I chose this poem because the title itself caught my attention and the last stanza said “its jail” and the first line starts with “now dreams.” in the poem oppression Hughes talks about the absences of dreams and songs due to the suffocation of oppression that the were enduring.He illustrates this by expressing they’re in a jail.furthermore, he talks more about the brutality of prevailing the land in everything such as forcing people to be silent and that there is no light but darkness in a way its like finding the light at the end of the tunnel seems impossible to reach.I believe that to know back in the 50s POC were experiencing issues like this. and to know modern day we still struggle to accumulate greatness in this country just shows how oppression surely have not made a jump too far from the tree mainly because we are still at the bottom in a lot of aspects.even in Latin America countries many countries, still have barriers in economic status, skin color, and freedom and we know that’s true because it happened in Cuba with Celia cruz exiled for exposing gov corruption through salsa music and Augusto boal from Brazil also was inprisoned and later exiled. for staging the dictatorship in theater showcasing the injustice.I deeply think that Hughes outlines a powerful message stating that the day oppression is no longer a problem in the United States or in other countries will come to an end.

By Rose Hernandez

God college is brutal out – here!

Does college always poses as a safety net?After reviewing “from classrooms to careers” and hearing the guests speak about their college experience as to what they expected and also moving towards grad school which was a different hemisphere. it pretty much in a sense that its the upper level after receiving higher education and now you’re basically applying your academic strategies just in grad school, especially for those who are in career paths that require additional education.in a lot of ways college and grad school differ from each other as to where college request general classes and also the combinations of your major as for in grad school its more of focusing your expertise on the field.Sometimes college may serve as a safety net for individuals who may not know what they want to do after High-school or not simply not knowing what is it exactly they want.which is why certain people take upon college as a safe route just incase something fails or doesn’t goes according to plan.

As a college student myself ,I knew I wanted to attend to college because I want to become a clinical psychologist and I just wanted to further my education. on top I developed a 10 year career goal as to each step I needed to do and a help guide as to what do I need to do in order to be successful also looking at possible solutions and ways to grow as a person in both academically and as a person in whole too.college in my opinion also serves as a free trial to give people a sneak peak as to what is expected of not only you but the quality the university can offer you to succeed in their institution.


Rose hernandez

“Fragments of a sinner’s heart”

Inside of me lives a sinner 

Not just any sinner a

Sinner at heart 

On certain days I ache to die for love because 

You were the forbidden fruit

I crave to savor 

I crave to feel,touch

I knew I wanted your kisses 

And even my heart prayed 

For your love 

Because my body desire it 

      It only wanted your hands 

40 days I waited

40 days lost in the mist of torture and thirst 

In the end I knew the consequences 

Even if it broke me 

From there I bloomed in holy water 

As if the fragments of the heart arteries 

Desires  no longer existed 

I was asked if i fulfill 

The duty of the prophecy 

I only answered with

I was condemned to be a 

Sinner at heart 


Rosalind Hernandez

what do I want to do for the rest of my life?

To be honest thinking, about what i want to do for the rest of my life sounds very  scary considering how young i am still because i believe theres a lot of things i still need to learn about life specially and living in america.One thing for sure is that i will become a clinical psychologist or something within the jurisdiction of the psychology area.because i want nothing more than to help people with mental illness especially in minority communities ,i want to wipe out stigmas and myths that surrounds mental healthcare as a whole.In the long run i would like to open or become apart of a organization that would help women and young girls in environmental settings that are poorly, around the world to provide healthcare services,education in sex,and literacy of healthy relationships etc.

best of,

Rosalind Hernandez

The New Classroom 360 change!

College education is caught within the beyond. If a time visitor from a century in the past arrived on today’s campuses, they might understand most effective too well the listlessness of the lecture hall and the uncomfortable silence of the room. Yet we realize how to do higher. Cathy N. Davidson and Christina Katopodis,  of the arena’s most important innovators in higher schooling, turn to the modern studies and methods to expose how teachers at every sort of group can assist college students come to be impartial, innovative, and lively beginners.

Why is it a call action of doing better and ensuring the future of education? The New College Classroom enables instructors in all disciplines create an environment that is absolutely conducive to getting to know. Davidson and Katopodis translate cutting-edge studies in gaining knowledge of technological know-how and pedagogy into geared up-to-use strategies to comprise into any route. These empirically pushed, school room-examined strategies of active learning—from the participatory syllabus and upgrading to grab-and-cross activities for each day of the term—have carried out marvelous results at network colleges and research universities, on campus, on line, and in hybrid settings. 

This was a discussion i enjoyed a lot because as a student myself, when i first came to the country the learning style was different.in terms where the teacher would follow through a set of slides and read from there on but there would be very little interaction between student and teacher.As for in my country student and teacher interaction was a common norm and with that method the student learned better and quicker.Although here the system worked differently which it complicated some things for me.in the end i found ways to accommodate my learning styles and which worked for me which did not.

Best of,

Rose Hernandez