February Blog Prompt

My current major is Human Services & Community Justice and my minor is Accounting. I decided to combine 2 of my favorite things that I enjoy doing due to the fact that I don’t like injustices and love helping my community. I also recently a couple of months ago started to like numbers, seeing numbers increase and have a negative or good impact on our society can be challenging. So, I decided I want to combine both of these factors to one major factor. Which I know will help me be successful. Once i’m done graduating I will like to work with Kids that have been abused or with foster kids. But, if thats not possible I will like to work or have an internship in Wall Street have the knowledge of what involves dealing with financing. I also, would like to work in the Chase banks/ branches. Im trying to finish my last 2 years quicker than ever because I feel like i’m ready to take anything that comes in my way. I probably will like to do 2 more years just to increase my knowledge in certain areas. But, for right now I don’t plan to change my major or minor and don’t plan to do any other jobs if its not what I have mention already.

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