My reflections on the New College Experience

Professor Caty Davidson and Dr. Christina Katopodis they worked together to create a magnificent book to help visualize what teaching and education really is. Not only that I realize that The New College Classroom event is really informative and eye cache for anyone to understand that education needs to be our priority. In this event I learn many new points of views that not everything is how we see it but we have to see for the future not now for the future.

I really enjoy hearing Chancellor Matos because the way he speaks it’s inspiring because he uses himself as a vivid example of success. I really liked the phrase he said “Don’t be lazy and read because you can continue to grow, continue to learn, continue to be inspire and challenge in an innovative world”. That phrase is exactly true we as humans being tend to just limit ourselves by not expanding our knowledge and by not challenging our selves to keep progressing. That’s why I really enjoy being in the Future Initiatives because this platform helps you challenge yourself learn many new skills and meet new people which requires you to go above and beyond to expand your knowledge and interact with others. Also, like he mention he loves how the future initiatives focus on teaching and empowering the students and not only them but their community too such as the teachers and staff members. Which again that’s exactly true in order for a community to grow and prosper it requieres the entire village meaning its a team work for students to be successful and maxima their experience in this world.

This event also showed me that we don’t have to act with our first instinct because we don’t know if we could be losing an opportunity to keep learning or we could even close our own doors or others door. That’s why is essential we all act as agents to help other students and ourself how or what we can do to help other succeed in their education. At the same time staff members have to be an agent in order to little by little change the old education to todays modern education. Even more, this event for me made me think how can we transform ourselves into a better human being and better in education. I’ll say we’re like butterflies we all start from a larva which will mean we are all exposed to what education is and what we could do and then we end up in a cocoon which will mean we get to a point where our education could be plateau and we don’t find that enjoyment once again. But, then we end up like butterflies which will mean we receive events like this or books like these or we hear podcast or we study more and prepare ourselves more in education and we by the end see education as a different perspective. This event I’ll gladly say it transform my knowledge much more made me have a more explicit perspective of what education is and how we as future initiatives can help it become better. By the way I want to read these book because to be honest I will like to know why and how and where and what we could do to make education better for students and me.