Future Aspirations/Goals

My future goal is to be a part of an education field where I can make people educated and can make society a better place to live in. As we live in a technological world, everything around us has changed and technology took over it. That’s why I want to create a separate social media account where I would like to create my own personal blogs. As most of us use social media for entertainment purposes, I believe it’s better if we can also use it to make a positive impact around us. This is one of my mini goals which I would like to accomplish and would love to pursue as my side hobby. Besides that, as I have mentioned I want to be a part of an education field. Either I would like to teach people or mentor high school kids. This refers to considering my career as an adjunct professor or high school counselor. I feel the world needs more positivity and more people who can promote the importance of kindness. I want to emphasize the importance of social connections because day by day we are indulged with overworking ourselves. That’s how our society is growing as a very individualistic society. I want to promote the idea of the importance of creating social connections with people through my works. It can be either through my mini blog that I have mentioned or through teaching. The way I want to feel every day when I wake up is that I am not alone throughout my whole journey. I want to wake up with the feeling there are many things to explore around me. I don’t want to wake up with the feeling of anxiety of what my future is going to look like. Instead, I want to wake up with the spirit of excitement of how my whole day is going to be like. More likely right now, I want to shift my focus from being anxious about the future to simply being grateful about the present.

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