My Goals and Dreams

My future goals can only be described as simple yet complicated. My career and social goals are constantly intersecting. I want to survive another year of college as I want to be ready to pursue a career in law. So, with that, I am working my hardest to secure other things that can help me into becoming a better student and grow into a more completive applicant. I’ve recently got an internship that I’m sure will boost up my resume and hope to apply to a program at Fordham related to law. I personally feel like in my life, things have been average, and compliment, not by my own choice but the circumstances of my family. It’s something that I beat myself up about, but I’ve been learning that the more work I put towards my goals, the easier life gets me for and my family in the long run. My family is what drives me, but my aspirations is what pushes me to put the work in now so that I can focus on helping others in the future with any problems that comes their way. And if there is anything that I want more than to go to law school it’s to move out of the Bronx. That is a plan in the making for nearly 2 decades and with every misstep, there is always a gain from that. The day my sister and I achieve this goal for our family, that means that we know that can help anybody and that we “made it”. This is why I want that law degree because it will allow me to help the little guy, the blue-collar worker, the immigrant, and the innocent. I am who I am because I was raised in the South Bronx, and I will also continue to push the against the status quo. There is no one in the world who can take that away from me.

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