Continuity of development

In the early childhood stages and beyond, we are often asked about our future and what we want to be when we grow up. The reality is, nobody knows until we get there because, from a young age, we are easily influenced by the things and environments within our reach. For example, girls may dream of becoming princesses or rockstars, while boys fearlessly claim they’ll be future astronauts or superheroes. However, as time passes, these childhood aspirations tend to decline, and gradually, our true interests begin to emerge.

I remember as a child, I told my dad about 50 different things I wanted to be, ranging from a princess to a mermaid. In my pre-adolescent years, I narrowed it down to 15 potential careers, including becoming a doctor or a lawyer. Finally, as I entered my late teens, I confided in my dad about just one thing: my decision to become a clinical psychologist. This choice was no longer influenced by childhood fantasies like princesses, mermaids, or rockstars. Becoming a clinical psychologist has become my ultimate goal and sole purpose because I believe it will allow me to help others.

stay tuned,

Rosalind Hernandez

2 thoughts on “Continuity of development

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  2. Kelsey Milian (she/her/hers)

    Dear Rosalind! I love that you and your dad have such an intimate relationship to talk about all the things you want to pursue! I am sure he is your #1 cheerleader! I am excited about your journey as you continue to narrow down! Always celebrate the small wins including the changes!

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