Reflection on Humanities Alliance Graduate Fellows Seminar

The seminar was a great opportunity to reflect on my thoughts about CUNY. I personally believe CUNY is a great place to pursue your degree as so far I did not have any kind of bad experience with CUNY. As I am right now pursuing my undergraduate degree from Queens College which is a part of CUNY too. I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone to pursue their undergraduate degree without tuition fees or not that expensive compared to other private colleges and SUNY. This is how many students have been able to continue their dreams. There are so many people who come to the USA just for a better education and I personally think CUNY has made that opportunity accessible and something possible to accomplish. It was great to hear during the seminar about so many stories of people stories who are currently pursuing their degree from CUNY and how much it has benefited them. I am someone who is also interested in pursuing my P.H.D degree but I was confused and a little bit concerned when it came to some specific aspects. For example, some people during the conference shared about their experience while they were trying to pursue their degree as P.H.D and some of them could not get it in the first place. They had to try for the third time and I think this is something an important topic to discuss. Because personally when they shared their story about not giving up for applying for P.H.D even after they got rejected. That part motivated me to think twice or to give a second guess about whether I want to pursue my P.H.D or not. Overall, I believed the seminar was very useful as it’s important to make sure people can get to know how beneficial CUNY colleges are and how there are so many important resources available for students that they can take advantage. 

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